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Terms of Use -SolidVPN

Terms of Service

1, the terms of service to confirm and accept

The ownership of the content and services of APP is owned by the SolidVPN. Before you accept this service, please read these terms carefully. The user uses the service, or by completing the registration process, indicating that the user accepts all the terms of service.

2, the user agrees:

(1) to provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information.
(2) constantly updated registration information, in line with timely, detailed and accurate requirements.
If the information provided by the user is not accurate, this app has the right to end the service.
This APP will not disclose the user’s name, address, email, account number and telephone number (please refer to the privacy policy).
Users of APP must follow:
(1) the transmission of information must comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations.
(2) the use of information services for illegal purposes and unethical behavior.
(3) do not interfere with or confuse network services.
(4) comply with all network protocols, regulations, procedures and practices that use services. The user’s code of conduct is based on Internet regulations, policies, procedures and practices.

3, the modification of the terms of service

This APP have the right to modify the terms when necessary, will be published on the page.
If you do not accept the changes, users can take the initiative to cancel their membership. If you do not cancel your membership, you will be deemed to accept changes in the terms of service.

4, refused to provide security

Users expressly agree to use the company’s services, by the user personal risk.
This APP does not guarantee the service must meet the requirements of users, nor guarantee the service will not be interrupted, the service timeliness, security, error occurred are not guaranteed.
The user understands and accepts that the reliability of any information obtained through the service depends on the user’s own judgment and the user assumes all risks and responsibilities.

5, limited liability

This APP are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of the Services.
These damages may come from (including but not limited to): improper use of the service, or transmission of information does not meet the requirements and so on.

6, the user information storage and restrictions

This APP are not responsible for the deletion or storage of the information released by the user. SolidVPN has the right to determine whether the user’s behavior conforms to the requirements and spirit of the service clause. If the user violates the terms of the terms of service, there is a disruption to the right to provide services.

7, the end of the service

This APP may at any time discontinue one or more services on a case-by-case basis, and shall not be responsible or known to any individual or third party.
At the same time, if the user object to any of the terms of service recommendations or amendments to the terms of the subsequent objection, or dissatisfaction with the service, the user can exercise the following rights:
(1) no longer use the company’s services.
(2) notify the Company to cease the service to the user.

8, the ownership of information content

The company’s information includes: text, software, sound, photos, videos, charts, and other information, all of which are protected by copyright, trademark, label and other property ownership laws. Users can only use the content under the authorization, and can not copy, re-create the content, or create derivative products related to the content.

9, privacy protection terms

This site and APP will strictly keep the user’s personal privacy, commitment without your consent will not disclose your personal information arbitrarily.
However, we will no longer be able to provide you with the foregoing information in the following circumstances. These include, but are not limited to:
* For your successful completion of the transaction, we have to put some of your information, such as your name, contact phone, e-mail, etc. to the relevant logistics services, such as to facilitate their timely contact with you to provide services.
* When you are acting on this site in violation of the terms of service, or may harm others’ rights or cause others to suffer damage, as long as we believe that disclosure of your personal information is necessary to identify, contact or take legal action necessary action.
Personal information that must be disclosed or disclosed under the laws and regulations.
* When the judiciary or other competent authorities legally enforce the business, require the provision of specific personal information, we must give the necessary cooperation.