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Privacy Policy


We value the privacy of our users. When you use our services, we may collect and use your information. We would like to use this Privacy Policy to explain how we collect, use, store and share this information and how we have access, updates, controls and protects this information when we use our services. This Privacy Policy is relevant to the SolidVPN service you use, and you may wish to read and, if necessary, make the appropriate choice as you consider in this Privacy Policy. The technical terms involved in this Privacy Policy are intended to be concise and concise and provide further explanations for your understanding.

We may collect the information

When we provide services, we may collect, store and use the following information relating to you. If you do not provide relevant information, you may not be able to register as our users or can not enjoy some of the services we offer, or we can not achieve the desired results.

The information you provide

  • The order number you generated when you subscribed to the service, and the device ID that was bound;

We get your information

When you use the service, we may collect the following information:

  • Log information,When you use our services, the system may automatically collect technical information via cookies, web beacon, or other means, including:

    • Device or software information, such as the configuration information provided by your mobile device, web browser, or other programs used to access our services, the version and device ID used by your IP address and mobile device;

How we might use information

We may use the information collected in the process of providing you with services for the following purposes:

  • To provide you with services;

  • Provide our services for authentication and ensure the security of the products and services we provide to you;

  • Help us design new services, improve our existing services;

  • Software certification or management software upgrades;

  • Allows you to participate in surveys of our products and services.

In order to allow you to have a better experience, to improve our services or other purposes you agree to, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations under the premise, we may be through a service to collect information to pool information or personalized way , For our other services. For example, the information you collect when you use one of our services may be used in another service to provide you with specific content or to show you information about your non-universal push. If we provide the option in the relevant service, you can also authorize us to use the information provided and stored by the service for our other services.

How you access and control your own personal information

We will do everything we can to take appropriate technical means to ensure that you can access, update and correct your own registration information or use our services to provide other personal information. When accessing, updating, correcting, and deleting the foregoing information, we may ask you to authenticate to protect your account.

We may share the information

In addition to the following circumstances,Without your consent,We and our affiliates do not share your personal information with any third party:

If we or our affiliates share your personal information with any of the above third parties, we will endeavor to ensure that such third parties are in compliance with this Privacy Policy and other appropriate confidentiality and / Safety measures.

  • We or our affiliates may also retain, save or disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

    • Comply with applicable laws and regulations;

    • Comply with court orders or other legal procedures;

    • Comply with the requirements of the relevant government agencies;

information security

We reserve your personal information only within the time required for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy and within the time required by laws and regulations.

We use a variety of security technologies and procedures to prevent the loss of information, improper use, unauthorized access or disclosure. For example, in some services, we will use encryption technology (such as SSL) to protect your personal information. But please understand that, due to technical constraints and the possible existence of a variety of malicious means, in the Internet industry, even if doing everything we can to strengthen security measures, it is impossible to always ensure that information is 100% safe. You need to know that the systems and communication networks you use to access our services are likely to be problematic due to factors beyond our controllability.

Minors use our services

We encourage parents or guardians to guide minors under the age of 18 to use our services. We recommend that minors encourage their parents or guardians to read this Privacy Policy and advise minors to seek the consent and guidance of their parents or guardians before submitting their personal information.


We may revise the terms of this Privacy Policy in a timely manner, which forms part of this Privacy Policy.If the amendments result in a substantial reduction in your rights under this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by sending a e-mail or otherwise informing you by making a prominent position on the homepage before the amendment becomes effective. In such a case, if you continue to use our services, we agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.